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South Hillsborough’s taps could be bolstered by reclaimed water

Hillsborough and Tampa Bay Water seek accord to boost groundwater for fast-growing region

Providing new water to residents in fast-growing southern Hillsborough County could be aided by injecting old water into the ground.

The new water will be fresh from the aquifer drawn to the surface by additional wells run by Tampa Bay Water, the regional water supplier. The old water will be treated wastewater injected at sites several miles away and pushed down 1,000 feet below the surface.

At least that’s the plan. But it will come at a price that is a matter of contention.

Hillsborough County and Tampa Bay Water dispute how much the county should be paid for giving up its reclaimed water.

“We’re not real close on the value,” George Cassady, Hillsborough’s assistant county administrator for public utilities, told commissioners last month.