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Thonotosassa winemaker saves water with new technology

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY — Wine doesn't just pour all by itself. It's a year round effort to make it at Keel Farms in Thonotosassa.

And this winery is using new technology to help save water for all of us.

Clay Keel's family has owned the farm for nearly 40 years. He's now taking it in a modern direction.

"I think as a farmer, I'm a bit more progressive than some of the others out there," Keel said.

Among the changes, Keel installed a new weather station. It reads soil probes that are placed in the ground. With that, Keel has real time information he can use to water his thousands of blueberry plants. That information is sent right to his phone, which is very important this time of the year when temperatures drop.

"When we have to worry about losing fruit to freezes, how much we're trying to protect the crop with water. We're able to forecast all of that and do it at a much more precise level," Keel explained.

With the new technology and information, that saves water for all of us.