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Payback on Water Star Homes Less than Three Years

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New research compiled by the Florida Water Star program shows that new homes with efficient indoor fixtures and irrigation systems with increased mulched areas pay for themselves in just 2.7 years – then provide annual savings of $852 after that.

Water-Smart fixtures indoors use approximately 20% less water than typical fixtures and appliances, although purchase prices are similar. Outdoors, Florida Water Star homes must have no more than 60% high-volume irrigation – typically used to cover lawns – compared to a typical landscape with about 80% high-volume irrigation. Assuming that homeowners use the correct irrigation scheduling, estimated costs and savings in the city of Ocoee would be:

  • The initial investment will cost $2318 more than a typical home
  • Average water savings will be 175,504 gallons per year
  • Average dollar savings will be $852 per year
  • The average homeowner will see return on their investment in 2.7 years.
  • Savings might differ in other areas where water costs are higher or lower.

Only new homes can earn the Water Star designation, although residents may retrofit homes using the same online checklist that builders would use. Statewide about 900 homes are certified with 365 located within the Southwest Florida Water Management District.