Water-Related News

Take the challenge during Drinking Water Week

TAMPA – Tampa residents are invited to take the 7-Day Drinking Water Knowledge Challenge this week during Drinking Water Week to discover the importance of drinking water in their daily lives. Challenge details are available at tampaGov.net/SaveWater. In the United States, the average person uses about 100 gallons of water a day.

“Continuing to have a sufficient supply of drinking water is essential to Tampa’s economic and environmental health. Our community’s efficient use of water starts with each individual’s actions. Participating in the 7-Day Challenge is an easy way to find out how well you are doing”, said Brad Baird, Water Department Director.

Drinking Water Week is an annual week-long celebration of our most precious natural resource, water. Water is the first ingredient in nearly every product we use. It is a vital element of our daily lives, and it is used by everyone.

For more than 30 years Drinking Water Week has provided an opportunity to highlight the essential role a safe, reliable water supply has in our overall quality of life – from public health protection and fire suppression to the critical role it plays in supporting the economy, and renew our commitment to use it wisely.

Visit tampagov.net/Water to find out about Tampa’s drinking water and how we can work together to protect our community’s natural water resources.