Water-Related News

Tampa unveils improved utility bill

TAMPA – City of Tampa water, wastewater and solid waste utility customers will see a redesigned bill in April. Tampa’s consolidated utility bills now provide customers an easier-to-read format with more information about their services and costs.

“We appreciate our customers’ interest in helping us identify and incorporate changes to improve our customer service,” said Brad Baird, Tampa Water Department Director. “Our overall goal is to provide both a quality product and quality service that will exceed customer expectations. We think customers will be pleased with the new bill design.”

Some of the updated bill features include:

  • Both current and previous monthly water meter readings
  • The number of days in the billing period
  • Water consumption by billing tier
  • Unit rates for water and wastewater charges
  • A combined subtotal of all potable (drinking) water charges
  • An expanded 13 month water use history provided in gallons
  • Clearer payment options
  • A list of customer service and emergency phone numbers
  • Explanations of the most common terms used on the bill