Water-Related News

USF course for older adults teaches about Florida water resources

From its crystal blue springs, to the thousands of lakes that dot its landscape, to its Gulf and Atlantic coastal bays and inlets, Florida is blessed with a wealth of water resources. These resources are a primary reason that people want to visit and live in Florida. However, given their attraction, value and importance, very few Floridians know much about these natural resources.

"Exploring Florida's Water Resources: Springs, Streams, Lakes and Bays" will introduce you to water resources, the chemical, physical and biological nature of these resources and the methods used by scientists and water managers to understand, protect and preserve them. The course begins with the history of Florida’s water resources and then goes on to discuss groundwater, springs and spring runs, streams and wetlands, lakes and ponds, and coastal resources. Each two-hour session includes a lecture and discussion of the resource and the issues that we face in Florida related to the resource. The last two weeks will be devoted to major issues related to our water resources such as global warming and sea level rise, our carbon footprint and how we can reduce it and topics raised by the class. You will learn a little geography, geology, water chemistry, habitat ecology and how to understand and discuss water-related issues with factual information. You will also learn where information is available and how to manage this information to develop positions related to specific issues.

"Exploring Florida's Water Resources: Springs, Streams, Lakes and Bays", OLLI course number 133XOSCSM0251, will be offered Thursday mornings from ten to noon, from April 4 to May 9 2013, at Lake Magdalene United Methodist Church in Tampa. Cost is $25 for the course, plus $30 to sign up for OLLI, if one is not already a member. For more information and to enroll, please go to: www.usfseniors.org or call 813-974-2403.

OLLI-USF is a membership organization of older adults who join together to form a community of learners. There are no tests or grades, and most courses have no prerequisites. All are welcome.

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