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Stinky Well Water Tests Healthy, Hurts Try for Public Water Lines

Tests of 20 wells in the Palm River area show no widespread water problems that pose a danger to public health.

That's good news for the health of residents who have been drinking the water for years, but it doesn't bode well if the community seeks grant money to extend public water lines into the community.

Palm River is just southeast of the Tampa municipal border and is not served by either city or Hillsborough County water lines. The only water available to residents is from private wells. It reeks of sulfur and the high iron content discolors sinks and bathtubs.

Tampa and Hillsborough utility officials say it would cost tens of millions of dollars to extend water lines into Palm River neighborhoods, and residents would have to pay the bill.

County Commissioner Les Miller, whose district includes Palm River, got commissioners to appropriate $10,000 for the county Health Department to test 20 wells there. Miller and the residents were hoping the tests would reveal traces of some toxic substance so the area could qualify for state or federal grants. ...