Water-Related News

SWFWMD to Answer Public's Questions on Freeze Management Plan

The Southwest Florida Water Management District will answer questions about new water use permitting rules for the Dover/Plant City area at a public open house 6 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2011, at the Hillsborough Community College Trinkle Center, 1206 N. Park Road, Plant City.

The District will present its frost/freeze management plan and associated rules to the public at the meeting. Staff will be on hand to answer questions on topics including:

• Well and casing depth requirements for new residential wells
• Reporting dry well complaints
• The new allocation process for investigating and assigning dry well complaints
• New metering requirements
• Automatic meter reading devices
• Alternative freeze protection incentives through the Facilitating Agricultural Resource Management Systems (FARMS) Program, Water use permit applications, renewals and modifications in the Dover/Plant City Water Use Caution Area
The District's new water use permitting rules for the Dover/Plant City area took effect in June. These rules affect water use permit holders with crops that require frost/freeze protection. The new rules are one component of the District's comprehensive freeze management plan, which was developed to significantly reduce impacts from groundwater pumping during frost/freeze events.

The District developed the new rules in response to the unprecedented January 2010 freeze event, as well as previous freeze events, which resulted in dry wells and sinkholes. Public input, technical expert and stakeholder participation was a significant part of the rule development process.

For more information on the freeze management plan or the upcoming workshop, visit the District's web site at WaterMatters.org/Frost-Freeze/.