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Tampa Water Dept Reminds You to Use Rain Sensors

April is Water Conservation Month!

Despite the recent rainfall, April is typically a dry month when water demands in Tampa are the most acute. While communities throughout Florida celebrate Water Conservation Month in April, it is a good time to focus locally on the need to use water efficiently and take control of your water consumption.

As the City of Tampa depends almost entirely on the Hillsborough River for its water needs, seasonal changes in rainfall can significantly impact the amount of water available. The Tampa Water Department calls on every business and all residents to work together to make long-term changes that increase water use efficiency.

One simple way to reduce unnecessary water use is to install and maintain rain sensors on automatic irrigation systems to interrupt programmed cycles when sufficient rainfall has occurred. Once installed, regular testing and inspection of rain sensors ensure they continue to operate effectively.

To help customers manage their water consumption, the Tampa Water Department offers water efficiency tools and information - including free toilet leak detection tablets, low-flow plumbing fixtures and rain sensors. Please visit us online at www.TampaGov.net/SaveWater or contact us at (813) 274-8121 to see how we can work together to conserve our water resources.

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Tampa Water Department serves a 211-square mile area with a service population of approximately 560,000 people. The Tampa Water Department’s mission is to provide superior drinking water and reclaimed water services to its customers.