Water-Related News

Southeast County Landfill Sinkhole Update

Most Recent Remediation Actions:

  • On Monday, Feb. 7, work crews completed soil borings that will give engineers a preliminary evaluation of the subsurface inside the sinkhole.
  • The soil samples will help determine the location of the bottom of the sinkhole and where grout is to be pumped for the stabilization work.
  • Work continues on securing a contractor to carry out the Stage 1- Sinkhole Stabilization Plan. This plan details how the sinkhole is to be stabilized by injecting a mixture of grout materials, using specialized drilling methods, beneath the plug of soil and landfill trash. The 48-page plan may be viewed at www.hillsboroughcounty.org/solidwaste/sinkhole.cfm.
The most recent groundwater samples were taken from nine groundwater quality monitoring wells and two potable water supply wells on Feb. 9-10. Results are expected in a few weeks.