Water-Related News

Southeast County Landfill Sinkhole Event Update--Jan 7, 2011

Groundwater sampling results from six private wells indicate no impact on the quality of their drinking water. The samples were taken Dec. 22, 2010. A preliminary review of the first round of groundwater sampling from three Upper Floridan Aquifer monitoring wells and two supply wells on the landfill property indicates no impact on the quality of their water. These samples were taken Dec. 21, 2010. Results are expected soon from a second round of sampling conducted Dec. 28, 2010 from the on-site wells. The on-site wells will be sampled weekly.

The sinkhole has not increased in size. The cracks around the sinkhole still span 110 feet. Rain which moved across the area Thursday did not further impact the site. Berms and stormwater piping previously installed have been effective in diverting the stormwater away from the sinkhole area. The clay liner slopes to the east, away from the sinkhole, so officials believe the potential for leachate to enter the hole is minimal. The landfill gas system remains operational. The landfill's leachate collection system continues with normal collection rates, indicating that the system is operating as designed.