Water-Related News

Plant City Extends Water Lines Around Old Coronet Factory

Plant City has finished extending its water lines around a former phosphate processing plant where officials had detected polluted wells, The city hooked up slightly more than 100 homes and other buildings, mostly at the expense of the corporate owners of Coronet Industries.

Coronet turned over to the city $620,000 to extend the water lines and make related improvements. A little less than $200,000 remains in the account, City Manager Greg Horwedel said.

Coronet operated for nearly 100 years before closing in 2004 amid economic problems, including rising natural gas prices and competition for its chief product, an animal feed supplement. When it closed Coronet was under fire from residents and former employees who blamed its operation for illnesses and declining property values. Coronet maintains it did not harm public health, but testing of residential wells in the area found groundwater to have higher than acceptable levels of cadmium, arsenic and boron.