Water-Related News

Hillsborough County Announces 2010 Community Water-Wise Award Winners

Hillsborough County Extension is proud to announce the winners of the 2010 Hillsborough County Community and City of Tampa Water-Wise Award. Nanette and Rick O'Hara, South Seminole Heights, have been named the City of Tampa award winners. The Hillsborough County award winners are Janean Reschlein and Daniel McMahon, Golf Club Estates II.

Both landscapes feature many positive examples of Florida-Friendly Landscaping (TM) practices. These practices include using drought-tolerant trees and plants, self-mulching areas under trees, using pervious materials for paths and walkways, grouping plants with similar water and maintenance needs, using alternative mulches that are environmentally-friendly, adding downspouts directed into mulched or planted areas or into rain harvesting devices, and creating of landscape beds that serve to retain stormwater runoff on the property.