Water-Related News

Broadcast Debut of "One Water" Documentary Will Be August 2nd

One Water is a collaborative project initiated in 2003 at the University of Miami between the School of Communication, College of Engineering and the Frost School of Music to address the global freshwater crisis. At the heart of the project was the motion picture "One Water."

Filmed in 15 countries in both hemispheres, the movie highlights a world whose water is exquisitely abundant in some places and dangerously lacking in others. It celebrates all the myriad ways water has touched human lives around the globe and leaves audiences with a fundamental question: Is water a human right or a commodity? Through a starkly emotional journey, spectators are invited to bear witness and encouraged to recognize this major global crisis as their very own, watching scenes from all over the world reveal how water is inspiring innovation, compassion and hope.

The film "One Water," narrated by actor Martin Sheen, debuts at 9 p.m. Aug. 2 on Planet Green.