Water-Related News

Annual County Water Quality Report On Its Way To Customers

Hillsborough County's annual water quality report for analyses performed in 2009 is now available.

The report is chock-full of interesting information about where the drinking water supplied to County water customers comes from, what's in it and how safe it is. The report also contains important telephone numbers for customers interested in finding out more about their water quality, and helpful consumer information.

Separate versions of the publication were produced for four of Water Resource Services' potable water systems: Northwest, South-Central, Crystal Lakes and Sun City Utilities. They were mailed to 133,000 customers. Supplemental letters from the department accompanied by City of Tampa reports are being mailed to customers in the Seaboard and Hershel Heights systems, and to residents of Oakview Estates with a City of Plant City report.

Copies of the report will be available in many public libraries later this month.