Water-Related News

Tampa Mayor Announces Management Reorganization

Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio issued a memorandum to Tampa City Council outlining management changes in the City's organizational structure. The changes, brought about by the fourth year of declining revenues, will result in a $3 million savings to city government in salaries and benefits.
The Stormwater Department is being consolidated into the existing Public Works Department, resulting in the elimination of the Director of Stormwater position and the associated Stormwater Executive Aide position. The Utility Accounting Division (UAD) will be consolidated into the Water Department. Additionally, the customer service staffs for UAD, Water, Wastewater and Solid Waste will be consolidated providing for the elimination of the UAD Manager position and five supervisor positions among the four departments. The Water Department will eliminate the Reclaimed Water and Continuous Improvement Manager position. The Revenue & Finance Department is consolidating citywide fiscal services and...