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SWFWMD Post-Freeze Presentation Available on Water Atlas

In January, 11 consecutive days of freezing weather prompted farmers in the Dover/Plant City area to spray their crops with water in an effort to stave off frost damage. The resulting precipitous drop in the water table caused nearby wells to go dry and/or be damaged and created sinkholes that necessitated costly repairs to public and private property. A presentation given by Richard Owen of SWFWMD at a Feb. 17th meeting at Hillsborough Community College-Plant City reported on the causes and effects of the event, and suggested possible remedies to prevent future similar occurrences. The presentation focused on impacts to area wells, but speakers during the open-mike portion of the meeting seemed more concerned about the proliferation of sinkholes, remediation for which is largely unavailable from the District or farmers and falls to homeowners' insurance policies.
Workshop Minutes: http://www.swfwmd.state.fl.us/emergency/frost-freeze/02-17-10_Workshop_Minutes.pdf