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Hillsborough County EPC Pollution Recovery Funds Available

The Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County announces the availability of approximately $178,000 of unallocated money in its Pollution Recovery Fund. This fund, created by the Florida Legislature, is to be used for projects that will “restore polluted areas of the county to the condition they were in before pollution occurred … mitigate the effects of pollution, or … otherwise enhance pollution control activities.” For this funding program, the legislature defined “polluted areas” as sites impacted by a variety of human activities (ditching, draining, dredging, filling, etc.), as well as by the discharge of conventional pollutants.

Follow the link below for more information and the application.

Additional Contact Information

Tom Ash

General Manager, Hillsborough County Environmental Protection Commission

Roger P. Stewart Center, 3629 Queen Palm Drive
Tampa, FL - 33619

(813) 627-2600 Ext. 1011