Water-Related News


Crescent Lake Neighborhood Association has received grant funding through the TAMPA BAY ESTUARY PROGRAM to return Crescent Lake to ecological health as a diverse wetland wildlife habitat. Crescent Lake is a 22-acre spring-fed lake and serves as a stormwater retention pond. Debris and invasive aquatic plants will be removed from the lake, to be replaced with Florida native plants. The goal is to create a natural vegetative filter within the lake, removing pollutants from the water. Crescent Lake outflows directly into Coffee Pot Bayou and into Tampa Bay. The Florida native shoreline and upland plants that will be added around the lake will create a more diverse wildlife habitat. Volunteers will be called upon to mark all roadside storm drains throughout the Crescent Lake drainage field with signage informing the public that the drains empty directly into Crescent Lake and outflow into Tampa Bay.