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Water Resources in the Little Manatee River Watershed

Note: In the table below, S-T-R stands for Section-Township-Range. Learn more about location information »
Water Resource Name Alternate Names Water Resource Type S-T-R
Acacia Lake Shore Assoc (98-05)   Lake 6-32-20
Alderman Creek   River N/A¹
Andrews Creek   River N/A¹
Azalea Lakes #1 (09-02)   Lake 31-31-20
Azalea Lakes (06-13)   Lake 6-32-20
Baker Branch   River N/A¹
Beth Shields Earth Force (06-22)   Lake 35-31-19
Brookton Pond (12-08)   Lake 31-31-20
Carlton Branch Creek   River N/A¹
Carlton Lake   Lake 7-32-21
Cockroach Creek   River N/A¹
Curiosity Creek   River N/A¹
Cypress Creek   River N/A¹
Cypress Creek Elementary (07-04)   Lake 36-31-19
Dug Creek   River N/A¹
Gamble Creek   River N/A¹
Grace Creek   River N/A¹
Gully Branch   River N/A¹
Hayes Bayou   Bay 35-27-18
Homes Of Ruskin (01-13)   Lake 9-32-19
Howard Prairie Branch   River N/A¹
Hurrah Creek   River N/A¹
Keen Branch   River N/A¹
Laurel Woods (99-07)   Lake 31-31-20
Lennard Longhorns (07-11)   Lake 4-32-19
Little Manatee River   River N/A¹
Little Manatee River - South Fork   River N/A¹
Long Branch   River N/A¹
Marsh Branch   River N/A¹
Middle Lake   Lake 1-32-19
Middle Tampa Bay   Bay N/A¹
Mill Bayou   Bay 35-27-18
Moody Branch   River N/A¹
North Lake (13-07) PONDWATCH 07-904 Lake 1-32-19
Osprey Place Pond (12-07)   Lake 13-32-19
Park Village (00-07)   Lake 16-32-19
Parrish, Lake   Lake 9-33-20
Pierce Branch Creek   River N/A¹
Piney Point Creek   River N/A¹
Salix Slough   River N/A¹
Simmons Lake   Lake 7-32-20
South Lake   Lake 12-32-19
South Wildcat Creek   River N/A¹
Swan Lake Pond 07-901 Lake 7-32-20
Villas On The Green (12-04) 99-04 Lake 18-32-20
Wedgewood, Lake (09-08)   Lake 13-32-19
Wildcat Creek   River N/A¹
Wimauma, Lake   Lake 9-32-20
¹ - S-T-R values are not assigned to bays or rivers

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