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The Hillsborough County Water Atlas Is No Longer Available

Why is this atlas no longer available?

Hillsborough County discontinued funding for the maintenance of the website.

The Water Atlas provides a cost efficient method to support environmental management efforts by local government staff and is a proven mechanism for environmental education and communication. It is maintained by the USF Water Institute at the University of South Florida. The USF Water Institute is not funded to support county-specific Water Atlas websites and therefore relies on maintenance agreements with local governments or other sponsors. The lack of funding to support daily maintenance costs has forced us to discontinue the Hillsborough County Water Atlas website.

What information resources are still available?

Many of the lakes and rivers located within Hillsborough County are included within the Tampa Bay Water Atlas at

To see what other counties are doing with their Water Atlas programs please visit

The Hillsborough River Watershed Alliance is now available at and the Frog Listening Network is now available at

Information about Hillsborough County management programs is available at

For additional information, contact:

Jan Allyn at the USF Water Institute — (813) 579-3381 or